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We're releasing regular updates to Handoff. Here you'll find an overview of the latest features and bugfixes.

7 November 2021

Introducing the Figma to Handoff plugin

v.0.4.0-alpha • 10 features • 3 bugfixes
  • You can now import your Figma designs into Handoff. Install the Figma Handoff Plugin, export the layer you want to import and paste in Handoff. 🎉 , you can now author the design and export it to code immediately!
  • We've improved the copy-pasting behavior of the designer.
  • We've completely rebuilt the elements navigator on the left hand side of the screen. This improves the app performance significantly.
  • We added a brand new Quick Starter project to get you up to speed with Handoff.
  • Fixed lots and lots of bugs in the designer.
31 May 2021

New on-canvas tools for layout and positioning

v.0.3.0-alpha • 10 feautures • 3 bugfixes
  • You can now change spacing (margin and paddings) by dragging the handlers on top of your element.
  • You can now change how elements are sized (grow, shrink) using a new control in the Size panel.
  • You can now pull the corner of an element to change the border radius.
  • We've improved the usability of dragging elements. Dragging columns will no longer unexpectedly pull them from their belonging parent – instead, the whole row comes along.
  • Elements with a pinned position now feature visual guidelines to see from what parent their position originates from.
  • We've improved the way zoom works – it now centers to the current location of your mouse cursor.
  • We've added a number of new column types.
  • We've fixed an issue that would cause undo redo to jump to an incorrect previous version.
31 May 2021

Introducing Text styles and Color swatches

v.0.2.1-alpha • 3 features
  • Added new built-in UI element: Pricing panels
  • New feature: Color swatches, which allows you to create and reuse colors across your screens and components.
  • New feature: Text Styles, which allows you to create grouped text styles containing the font, weight and line-height to be reused across your screens and components.
10 May 2021

Public release of Handoff Alpha Preview

v.0.2.0-alpha • 3 features • lots of bugfixes
  • A brand new Insert menu, featuring 35 new built-in UI elements: Navbar, Hero section, Badges, Input fields, Notifications and many others!
  • Improved performance – Handoff should now be snappy at all times!
  • A new export option: HTML pages. Ideal for when you want to use Handoff for building a website or landing page.
For previous updates, see our old release notes on Notion.

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Handoff is no longer in active development

Due to challenges with finding product-market fit, we've unfortunately had to decide to quit working on Handoff. You're welcome to play around with Handoff, but please not that access is provided on a best-effort basis, and that the product may eventually be taken offline.