Publish directly to your website.
No developer required.

Build rich experiences visually, and publish them as components directly to any existing website or web-app.
Without relying on a developer.

A Handoff Designer User Interface that shows how Handoff works.
How it works

The UX you want. Without the dev time.

The design looked stunning. But the result? Not exactly the way you imagined. Yep, we've all been there!

With Live Components, you control everything – you visually build your design and content and put it live whenever you want. And it'll finally look just as slick as in the Figma file.

No developer required

Forget about hiring more devs and exploding backlogs. Collaborate with your entire team to edit designs. And free up dev-time for complex code tasks.

Publish unique experiences

Free your team from the restrictions of your CMS or custom solutions. Build anything you can think of with our easy drag-and-drop design tool – no limits.

No more code rewrites

Stop spending heaps of time on tech debt and code rewrites for your custom application. Publish instantly to release new experiences and content every sprint.


No-code autonomy meets design freedom

Design freedom

Drag and drop from a library of ready-made components and style them to exactly match your design.

Design Tokens

Keep designs consistent across the board with reusable tokens for colours and text styles.

Import from Figma

Jump start your project by copy-pasting designs with our free Figma plugin.

SEO friendly

Live edit and test different variants of the SEO tags on your pages.

A/B Testing compatible

Test and optimise new ideas by creating multiple variants of your components.

Zero maintenance

Components auto update. So after you copy-paste the code snippet, there's no looking back.

Zero lock-in

Eject the code to industry-standard HTML/CSS anytime you want.

Served via CDN

Content is served close to wherever your users are. So it's fast – always.

Works with your site, CMS and store

Whether you're on Shopify or a large custom-built enterprise CMS, integrating Handoff is easy. Drop the code snippet into your platform, and you're ready to start publishing.