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Nick van den Berg
Founder of Handoff

3 October 2019

Hello there! You probably haven’t heard much about us yet: We're a new software company based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The company is founded by me, Nick van den Berg, and this year I've started working on Handoff – the next generation design tool for creating user interfaces.

When I started working on Handoff, it wasn't much more than an idea. I was greatly inspired by the no code movement, which provides non-technical people with a whole new way of creating products for the web. With this in mind, I set out to ask myself:

If no-code tools allow non-technical people to build products all by themselves, what would happen if we apply this power to tools for UI/UX designers?

With tools like Webflow, many designers now create beautiful websites with fancy interactions, all backed up by semantically correct markup and clean CSS code. But in the meantime, tooling for UX/UI designers hasn't really matured much. We're still exporting static images using tools like Sketch or Figma. And because images cannot represent products accurately, we're still faced with a huge disconnect between design and engineering teams.

Handoff is a new beginning. I set out to rethink how the model of design tools could be adapted to output working code, but at the same time maintain the creative freedom that is so important for (early) design stages. The result is an ambitious product that allows designers to draw their way from low-fi wireframes to the highest fidelity of designs: A live, interactive UI built with production-ready code. A new paradigm for designers – built with engineers in mind.

I'm still at an early stage of the product. The vision for the longer term is for Handoff to become part of an ecosystem of tools that democratise the creation of polished products for the web. I'm spending an enormous amount of time to get Handoff ready for the beta program in Q1 2020. If you want to get early access, you can sign up for our beta below.

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