About Handoff

We're creating tools that democratise creating for the web.

At Handoff, we believe designers and developers all over the world should be able to speak the same language, so that they're able to create great digital products together.

We founded Handoff with the goal of building a design tool that allows creators from different backgrounds to build software visually. Our mission is to break down barriers between design, engineering and business teams.

When we do that, designers will be able to turn their creativity into something tangible, developers will be able to deliver more features, and above all – founders will be able to put their thoughts and ideas out there, without being reliant on people who know how to code.

The Handoff Team

Who's behind Handoff

Portrait photo of Nick van den Berg

Nick van den Berg

Product development, design and marketing
Portrait photo of Bjorn Heesakkers

Bjorn Heesakkers

Backend development and strategy

The story so far...

Handoff was founded in 2019 and is currently in public Alpha.

April 2019
Research and development started
September 2019
First prototype released
February 2020
Closed Alpha launched
May 2020
Bjorn joined Handoff
May 2021
Public Alpha launched
Public beta launch projected

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Handoff is no longer in active development

Due to challenges with finding product-market fit, we've unfortunately had to decide to quit working on Handoff. You're welcome to play around with Handoff, but please not that access is provided on a best-effort basis, and that the product may eventually be taken offline.